USUPSO, a Japan-based designer brand, was co-founded Mr. Wei Lei  and Board Chairman of HongKong Cosmo Lady Listed Company  Mr. Zheng Yao Nan in Tokyo, Japan, with the former serving as core stockholder.

USUPSO brand was born in Japan Tokyo.Nowadays, with the rapid development of Japanese fashion consumable products, USUPSO basing on the brand philosophy of “simple, nature,sense of quality”,provides high quality and low cost products to customers.USUPSO --- the pioneer and leader in global life superior goods consumption area.

In2013,USUPSO was established by Mr Wei Lei in Tokyo Japan, the former New Feel Jewelry founder and it was introduced to China .

In2015,USUPSO invited “ C O S M O L A D Y ” as strategic investor, and has consecutively opened stores in American,Indonesia and Philippine,achieving its global franchise chain business model.


USUPSO: The brand was born in Tokyo, the most prosperous business district-new dormitory area,meanwhile “ U S U P S O ” and “ S P E E D ” are similar pronounce in Chinese,which means the products are updated very fast and continuously provides creative commodities for customer.

Follow up with brand concept:back to nature, restore product essence, present best quality goods to every customer.


Our brand targets at consumer group aged from 18 to 35,who pursues life quality but consume rationally; they do not compare blindly but know the value of goods.

Skip over all intermediate steps, excellent quality and low cost pricing strategy. SKU quantity: 3500pcs+ Price range:100 - 1600 INR, in which 80% below 300INR, the updating cycle is everyday.


USUPSO is growing combining with three bushiness models which respectively are direct-sale shop,associated shop and franchise shop.Until Sept 2017, we had signed and opened more than 1000 stores in global market and it is growing very rapidly to be the second brand in fast fashion life department store industry. It is predicted that in 2018 it will reach to 1500 shops.


Brings shoppers high-quality, stylish and affordable designer products through a wide range of product categories including skincare & cosmetics, home furnishings, digital accessories, stationery, kitchenware and more.

High Quality & Creative Products

USUPSO has always upheld the philosophy and design concept of “simple, natural and high quality”. The products undergo rigorous screening before being passed on to go to the display in stores.


USUPSO dedicates itself to providing customers with quality and creative products at affordable prices; with most products costing as low as ₹ 170/-

Better Shopping Experience

The stores have an immaculate interior, with neat aisles and easy-to-navigate spaces. Stocks are continually renewed, with new items periodically added to the store, making your experience better!


Unified store image, unified store management: USUPSO headquarters provides unified trademark,bar code,store image and enterprise VI rights to all stores,which will help impress USUPSO image to massive consumers. For new opening shop, USUPSO will send senior management staff to your shop for professional management training and service training and will fully follow and guide on opening activities like promotion,display design,activate store atmosphere.

Unified commodity delivery,unified commodity management: Products consumption group target at age 15 to 35 years old;emphasizing on Japanese fashion products which including creative home ware,popular digital products,makeup and skincare products,leisure food etc. There are all-kinds of products,realizing suit sales strategy.

Unified logistic delivery: USUPSO headquarters used advanced logistic network and powerful technological supports.Logistic delivery center is convenient for delivering goods to every store so that they can be faster to occupy the market.

Unified after-service management: In USUPSO headquarters, the sales and marketing department was consisted by marketing experts. Professional people is special for their own fields;avoid the loss caused by the mistaken analysis of local product sales by staff shifting;timely solve every kind of problems arose during store running so that we can improve store competitiveness.

Unified network management,unified logistic delivery: USUPSO uniformly use nationwide networking ERP system,security system,real-time data transmission,sound terminal cashier system so that every store can fully in charge of sales,market trends, timely adjust product inventory and sales direction. USUPSO headquarters will also plan to deal with stocks,to reduce the inventory risk to the lowest.

Unified resources sharing management,unified talents output: USUPSO successful retail and management experience sharing; advanced purchase-sales-stock management system;there are different specialist who are rich in experience of brand planing,image design,performance promotion,terminal management,brand development etc, timely to analyze every store operation in order to improve every store profiting level.



USUPSO, advocates fast fashion life,target at youth consumer group, search creative fashionable life items by cooperating with factories in order to reduce the purchase cost, products including daily necessity,creative home ware,stationery items,jewelry,health and beauty products etc,thousands of products. We gathered various fashionable commodities in one shop to improve life quality.

Gather all youth favorite creative life commodities,health and beauty products,creative home ware, seasonal products,digital electronics,home dress,gifts and bags,leisure food,office stationery,fashionable jewelry etc, more than 5000 SKU products.

USUPSO buyers go all over the word,committing to provide more secure,more reliable,more low- cost but high quality products.

USUPSO directly purchase from big factories, skipping over all middle steps to control the purchase cost to the lowest level.

Closely keep up with market pace,we provide superior goods according to market; product updates every week,making sure to satisfy consumers'need,who are curious,novel and interested in products.